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On our webpage you can find all the information regarding the accomodation capacities that we offer. There are three apartments and a holiday house some 30 metres from the sea front. The holiday house is perfect for a large family.

On our webpage you can simply make the booking online or just send us an e-mail if you have any queries.

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Apartments Terezija and house Nikolina are located in the centre of Božava on Dugi otok. Each apartment has a parking space, a separate entrance, a kitchen and a spacious living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, air conditioner, wi-fi and a terrace or balcony. Za veće obitelji možemo vam ponuditi smještaj u kući Nikolina, kapacitet 4 + 2 osobe.

Dugi otok

Dugi otok, sa nizom atraktivnih turističkih mjesta i prirodnih ljepota, pruža posjetiteljima putovanje kroz svijet tradicije i modernog načina življenja. Pobornici aktivnog odmora svoju će zadovoljštinu naći u istraživanju otoka po uređenim i obilježenim pješačkim stazama ili na izletima u Park prirode Telašćica i Nacionalni park Kornati.


The place boasts beautiful beaches and coves, as well as clean sea, which makes it a frequent nautical destination. The marina is protected by a breakwater and there is running water and electricity.


The city of Zadar is an easily reached destination by land, sea and air. It has a good traffic infrastructure through which it is directly connected to other bigger cities of the Republic of Croatia: Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik, with extraordinary accommodation and contemporary service of numerous marinas.

Atrakcije na Dugom Otoku

One of the most beautiful natural resources of Dugi otok are certainly its beaches and bays. It is very easy to take a swim on Dugi otok as wherever you turn you’ll have fascinating clear, blue sea attracting you with its beauty. The hidden coves where you can find charming, untouched beaches, represent a challenge for researchers, but also to all those who want privacy and peace.

  • Beach Sakarun
  • Lighthouse Veli rat
  • PP Telaščica
  • Strašna peć
  • Beach Veli Žal
  • NP Kornati
  • Other beaches and bays
Božava is the most developed tourist place on Dugi otok. The place boasts beautiful beaches and coves, as well as clean sea, which makes it a frequent nautical destination.

Božava, Dugi otok